Florence By Vespa

Explore Florence on the saddle of an Italian Classic

The Vespa in Italy is a "myth", a true classic of urban mobility.

Visiting Florence by Vespa is a unique experience, one of those that remain etched in the mind and heart. Driving aboard a Vespa, you will be able to experience vibrant emotions that only a Vespa can give. Now imagine climbing aboard a shiny-drawn Vespa, with a comfortable and stable seat and easy driving. On a Vespa, the pleasure of a comfortable ride on two wheels is combined with the unique style of this icon, made of soft lines and Italian design. The myth designed in 1946 remains still timeless today. 

Just put on your helmet, start the engine and start driving through the picturesque streets of Florence.

No other means of transportation can offer you all this.

Discover an intense experience of freedom and Italian style.

Suddenly you will have the feeling of having the city in the palm of your hand, experiencing it fully in every corner since by renting an Electric Vespa you will have no problems with restricted traffic zone (ZTL) or parking, and above all you can rediscover the sounds and smells that are often drowned out by the roar of the engine and gasoline fumes…. Instead, with an electric vehicle none of this exists at all, and you can travel without the noise and feel the smells that surround you, safely driving through streets, parks and monuments, remaining in contact with the world around you and enjoying every aspect. And since the Vespa seat is so comfortable that you will feel like you are in the armchair of your home, you’ll do all this in maximum safety and comfort, both for the driver and for the passenger.

Rent your Vespa in Tuscany now!

What to see on a Vespa in Florence

Florence is the "Cradle of the Renaissance", one of the most visited cities in Italy and in the world. Churches, palaces, squares and museums make up its enormous artistic heritage and contain works by the greatest artists who have ever existed. Located on the banks of the Arno river and surrounded by beautiful hills, Florence is also a very welcoming city, where the propensity for hospitality is innate. A Vespa Tour of Florence is really what it takes to be able to admire its entire splendor from every point of view. It will be possible to wander the streets of the historic center, admiring the ancient city and its monuments with great style, riding aboard an Italian classic.

A few stops to take souvenir photos and then you’re off to a museum, a cafe, the artisan shops of Oltrarno, all fully accessible thanks to your rental Vespa.

The historic center

The historic center, in fact, is generally forbidden for most means of transport, but not for you, as your electric Vespa will be able to move freely, quickly reaching the main sites with maximum fun. You will cross through places where history has left its indelible tracks, from the religious center, Dante's Florence to the Medici neighborhood.

Panoramic points

After discovering the most beautiful areas, you can head off for the "balconies of Florence", all the wonderful panoramic points from which you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the city. Forte Belvedere, Piazzale Michelangelo and Fiesole are all "natural balconies" from which the view is so beautiful that it seems unreal. Instead it is entirely true and at your complete disposal. Imagine yourself riding your Vespa, enjoying the view by driving on the most beautiful hilly roads and reaching the panoramic point just in time for an aperitivo, maybe even at sunset. This is the Italian style.

Don't wait, rent your Vespa in Tuscany now!


Great experience! If you want a 1/2 day experience where you can explore Florence and want something adventurous, this is the way to go. This place was nice, as they allowed me to come earlier than scheduled. Overall would do again.

Connor K

Buen precio, práctico y nos recomendaron un viñedo para visitar que fue excelente. Para devolver la moto si la oficina está cerrada estacionas la moto en el lugar de parking y les dejas la llave en el buzón de la oficina. Recomendamos este lugar!

Carolina Gleser

Abbiamo noleggiato una vespa elettrica per trascorrere una giornata diversa a Firenze. È stato bellissimo poter girellare comodamente per le vie del centro parcheggiando proprio di fronte alle nostre mete preferite.
Firenze vissuta così è tutta un'altra cosa!! Niente traffico, giri lunghi o problemi di parcheggio. Fantastico. Ci siamo divertiti molto e consiglio a tutti di vivere una Firenze così a portata di mano grazie ad E-Dway!

Diletta Ermini

Esperienza fantastica! abbiamo preso la vespa per 2 ore e siamo andati a Fiesole e in giro nel centro di Firenze.
La vespa elettrica è silenziosissima ed entrare nelle zone a traffico limitato è stata una figata sicuramente ci ritornerò per fare altri giri. È bellissimo andare in giro x Firenze e nei dintorni sapendo che non stai neppure inquinando.

Tatiana Zoppi

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