Electric Scooter Rentals

Ecological, Fast, Fun

The E-Dway electric scooter rental service is the ideal solution for getting around in the city without traffic or parking problems.
Situated in many locations at the E-Dway Points, these electric scooters can be rented on packages of hourly rates or on a daily basis.

Why Rent an Electric Scooter?

Renting an electric scooter means being able to use a vehicle built for agile, practical and flexible micromobility. Getting around in the city with an electric scooter is trending right now because it allows you to cover short distances quickly, safely and without all those parking problems. It’s ideal for reaching work appointments, small errands in the city center but also leisure days with friends or even for tourism.

Where to Rent an Electric Scooter

E-Dway electric scooters can be rented at any E-Dway Point.
You will find an electric scooter fleet ready to be unlocked with the appropriate app in total freedom and without the aid of an operator.
The list of E-Dway Points is constantly getting updated because more and more cities are signing onto our project.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Electric Scooter?

E-Dway electric scooters can be rented by choosing hourly packages or flexible daily packages in order to allow you to better handle your various needs for using the scooter. For a quick commission or to reach an appointment, you can choose a 1h or 4h time package, while for a day full of touristic activities, the daily package is the solution that works best for you.

Electric Scooter Rental Rates

1 hour € 7,00

4 hours € 15,00

24 hours € 25,00

24-Hour Assistance

With E-Dway you are never alone. By renting an electric scooter you will have 24-hour  assistance for any eventual need during your use of the vehicle. For any need, you just simply have to click on the phone number you find inside the lock/unlock app, and you will immediately be online with one of our operators

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