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Vespa tour Florence and Tuscany

If looking to discover all the secrets of the "Cradle of the Renaissance" and admire the city from every point of view, well then a Vespa tour of Florence is definitely the right choice. Thanks to its handy and safe steering, you’ll be able to wander the streets of the historic center, admiring the ancient city and its monuments all while cruising on an Italian classic. The whole city will be fully accessible thanks to your rental Vespa.

The historic center, in fact, is generally forbidden to most vehicles, but not for you, since your electric Vespa will be able to move about in total freedom, quickly reaching the places of interest with an emphasis on fun. 

You will pass through places where history has left its indelible tracks, followed by a few stops to take souvenir photos and then set off again to discover more Florentine excellence, typical products and craft shops, all fully accessible thanks to your rental Vespa.

Florence by night

Discover the beauty of Florence by night!

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Secret Gardens

Green spaces hidden between palaces and streets created by famous architects to enhance the Nature and Beauty of Florence

Have you ever heard of the Gardens of the Parnaso of Florence? It is a beautiful park that occupies the highest part of the Garden of Horticulture. You will reach through a gate located in Via Trento: past the gate you will find yourself in an almost fairytale garden, famous for the presence of a unique sculpture in the shape of a snake. In fact, many people know this garden as "Dragon Gardens" and it is easy to understand why: for some the sculpture would portray not a snake but a dragon, hence the peculiar nickname. Or... If you don't know the Bobolino Garden yet, you absolutely have to fix it! Walking along Avenue Niccolò Machiavelli, after crossing Porta Romana, head on a picturesque path that will lead you to an oasis of peace and tranquility. We arrived at the Bobolino Garden, which is inspired by the largest and most well-known Boboli Garden, located a short distance away. The Bobolino Garden, built on a sloping ground, is characterized by the presence of grassy slopes, flower beds, benches, fountains, scenic staircases, artificial caves, all in line with the taste of the era of realization. A beautiful Incense Cedar dominates the park, imposing and austere. This Tour permits to dicover the most beautiful gardens of Florence.

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The Hidden Florence

Little-known places, full of charm that make Florence discover from a new point of view

Art cities like Florence have mysterious and magical places, often far from the most famous and famous destinations. This itinerary will allow you to get to know a different, but an amazing Florence made of smaller churches, often with works of art by artists like Giotto or Botticelli. Palaces that have made history and underground places that tell a past made of wars, plots and betrayals. This tour will show you all this... NOT to miss!

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